Board Review – Hala Asana

The shape and size of the Hala Asana at 10.6 x 34” x 6” is the quintessential beginner platform. Since I began paddling I have always had a board in my quiver this size. This year the Asana has served as my teaching board, my family and friend board, and my lazy day board. You know the days when you just want to be out on the river and have a nice private island? This board is perfect for that!

In my SUP PUP clinics the Asana is my go to board for beginners, larger paddlers, or paddlers with large breed dogs. This season the Asana didn’t fail us. Every student who used it had a great stable experience!

Compared to other inflatables I’ve had in the past, the Asana is a bit more equipped for paddling with dogs. Here are some of the highlights that make it a dog friendly choice:

  • Handles on both ends of the board for easier carrying and handling.
  • D-rings on the front and the back for securing gear. I especially like tying gear down on the tail when paddling with dogs.
  • Neoprene handle cover for a more comfortable grip.
  • Generously sized deck pad for four paws, or in my case eight!
  • A D-ring on the bottom of the nose for anchoring the board. You know in case you need that private island!
  • It comes with a great heavy duty carrying bag that’s big enough to store your board, PFD, canine PFD, and all the rest of your paddling gear.

But if you think the Asana is only for beginners, think again! This board was an excellent choice this season for a down river run on the Shenandoah River. My husband and I did a 12-mile trip with the dogs, and the Asana performed amazingly. It glided well in flat water, and proved to be stable and agile in the whitewater.

Overall this board has served us well this season. Now that it’s been properly put through the ringer, we highly recommend it!

Riley and Kona and their own private island.

Room for three, and super stable.

Dory doing some land training on the Asana.

Dory, captain of the Asana!

Freddy getting comfortable on the Asana in our SUP PUP clinic.