Board Review – Hala Hoss

There’s a good reason to have a really big board in your quiver when you teach SUP PUP clinics — large breed dogs!

So many times I get asked if large breed dogs can learn how to SUP, and the answer is always yes! You’ll just need a board large enough to accommodate your big pup, and the muscles to go along with it.

I used the Rival Hoss to accommodate the large dogs this season in my SUP PUP clinics. The hoss is 10’10” x 35”x6”! It’s a beast of a board and proved to be a great asset for teaching. Not only was this board great for large dogs, it was also really perfect for some of my older students who didn’t have the strength in their legs to balance a smaller board. The Hoss is like a floating island, at 35” wide it’s as stable as you’re going to get a board. It’s not going to be a fast board by any means, but it’s stable and fun — and we’re all about maximizing fun!

As with all Hala Boards the extra D-rings, handles, stomp pad and high quality construction make the Hoss a stellar value and perfect choice for paddling with dogs.

This board is so big it makes Riley and Kona look small!

The Hala teaching lineup, far left is the Hoss with a standard poodle named Tache.

Tache and his owner Beate in our summer SUP PUP clinic.

Test riding the Hoss. Photo taken by Tina Kay. Courtesy of Story Collaborative.

What can I say? They love to make a splash! Photo taken by Tina Kay. Courtesy of Story Collaborative.