Board Review – Hala Nass

Can I just say that I can’t ever imagine not owning a touring inflatable? Seriously, and this one is the best of all worlds!

Touring inflatables are in my opinion the most efficient inflatables you can paddle. The 12.6 length offers more glide than anything shorter, and the 30” width is the perfect number for efficiency, comfort and stability.

But here’s where it gets important — it’s all about quality. If you purchase a discount brand inflatable you’re probably going to have something that looks more like a banana than a paddleboard. By nature inflatables will always have some flex because it’s essentially just an air filled rubber chamber. But the number of drop stitches, and the materials used will absolutely play a huge role in how rigid an inflatable can be. So looking for a high quality inflatable is always key, and nothing could be truer than the age-old saying, “you get what you pay for.”

Ok so now here’s where it gets super interesting! Carbon! Yes, Carbon Hybrid stringers are now being used on inflatable boards, like my new Hala Nass. The two stringers run the length of the deck and the bottom of the board creating a super rigid ride.

I’m pretty stoked about this. The stringers add very little weight, and it still rolls up nicely and fits easily in the back of my SUV, duffel bag, or storage shelf. Add in Hala’s extra D-rings, bungee cords, stomp pad, and 3-year warranty — mind blown!

I’m really not sure how it get’s much better than this; you have the convenience of an inflatable with rigidity that’s closer to a hard board than anything else on the market. The Hala Nass gets eight paws and two thumbs up from this crew!


Plenty of volume for two Aussies, and a human!

Exploring new waterways is always easier with an inflatable.

Seriously doesn’t get much better than this!