Board Review – Hala Playa

It’s yellow! This is a board I bought for myself, a small (like me) low volume board that I can just have fun on. I’m a very petite girl, and all my other boards have a lot more volume, but that’s ok because I usually paddle with an extra 90 pounds. But sometimes, though rarely, I like to play around by myself, or paddle some laps when the dogs are playing on a sandbar.  And so this board is just perfect for that. 

In the past I’ve found lower volume inflatables less rigid, but that’s not the case with the Hala Playa. The Carbon fiber stringers makes the board so rigid, I sometimes forget there’s a bed of air between me and the water. 

It’s honestly the least stable board I have I my quiver this year, and it’s much more comfortable with one dog instead of two, even though the three of us can still manage. 

It came in handy this year on our annual Fourth of July trip home to Angola on the Lake. My brother-in-law bought a boat, and we had so much fun being towed around on it. 

The weight of the board is also a nice plus. It’s so much lighter than my Hala Nass, which has been the board I usually travel with. I love that it takes up just a little less room in the back of my SUV, and is just a bit easier to toss up on the roof rack. 

Bottom line is if you’re a smaller framed person, and have a small to medium sized dog and you’re looking for a board to just have fun on, this is a great option! I’m very happy with the Playa, it’s been a great addition this season. 

I love the playfulness of lower volume boards. Pivot turns with Kona are fun!

Getting towed on the Playa instead of paddling it!

Quiet evenings with one dog are so nice with this board.

Matchy matchy!