Board Review – Hala Rival Straight Up

Every year I fill up my garage with a teaching quiver for my SUP PUP Clinics. And over the years of teaching these classes, I’ve come to believe that inflatables are my preferred types of boards to teach with. 

First, they’re just so much more durable. We start each class with the boards in the sand, and the dogs jump on and off of them, often times really working the bottoms in the sand. They get dragged from my car to the beach, to the water, and sometimes smashed into the side of the dock. When this happens with a hard board I cringe. When it happens with my Hala inflatables, I don’t give it a second thought. 

Second, the dogs are just so much more comfortable on inflatables than hard boards. I’ve noticed how the big dogs treats inflatables like giant dog beds. The look of relaxation in their eyes is unmistakable. I even see it with my own dogs. Riley, who’s now 11 lays down and relaxes on our inflatables much sooner than he does with my hard board. 

This year the Hala Rival Straight Up was a big hit with all my students. It was super stable for every body type and dog combo that used it. It was also nice and light as I loaded and unloaded it from my car all summer for lessons. 

The handles and D-rings add value and convenience Oh, and the price point is comfortable when the inevitable questions about how much they cost comes up. 

There’s not much to complain about with this board, I would even call it a one board quiver. It’s just a great, stable, light all around board!