Kona’s Cadillac Ride

Self-doubt is a dangerous thing. Matter of fact I have a tattoo on my ribs to remind myself that I’m stronger than I think, yet I still doubt myself at times.

A friend on Instagram told me I should pull Kona up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia for a “challenge”. I thought about it and immediately decided it would be a cool accomplishment.

Then I tested out the ride without Kona, and it was hard! Three and a half miles on a sustained uphill road was tough and I ran out of gears! Pulling a 23-pound trailer with a 45-pound dog seemed like a pipe dream so I dismissed the idea.

But then my husband, John, urged me to try. He’s really good at pushing me, and he usually knows when I can do something even when I think I can’t. So, I agreed to try.

At the half way point, my stubbornness kicked in, and when John asked me how I was feeling, I said, “we’re doing this!” It was cold and windy, but I took my jacket off, and dug deep.

According to my Garmin we climbed 1,037 feet in about 35 minutes. Kona was stoked as usual moving her head from the right to the left trying to take in all the views. When we reached the top, I was stoked, too! I couldn’t believe we actually did it.

It always feels incredible to do something you think you couldn’t. It’s a high, and I’m so happy I accepted this challenge!

Now I challenge you – go do something with your dog! Try something tough you might surprise yourself!