Board Review – 2019 Hala Playa

I designed a dog specific paddleboard just for fun, and the Hala Rival Playa is the closest board to what I’ve got sketched out in one of my notebooks! I really love this board – it’s been my go to board all summer! Here’s why my little pack loves it!

11×32” is my preferred sized board for paddling with one or more medium sized dogs. Eleven feet gives us plenty of glide, and 32” gives us just enough stability without the board feeling like a barge. Don’t get me wrong, a 12.6 x 30” board is still more efficient, I’ve just found that over the years I like having a little more space in my garage, and a little more comfort when I paddle with my dogs. The board is also very light making it easy to carry from my car to the boat launch. 

One of the best features other than the new colors, is having tie-down points on the tail. I’ve been putting my Watershed Dry Bag on the tails of my boards for years. The reason is, when I paddle with one or both my dogs and I want to grab something from my bag, it’s much easier to reach behind me than around two dogs.

The deck pad is also generously sized making it perfect for protecting paws from slips. I did add just a little more paddling though – mainly for the cuteness factor of a paw print! But also because Kona loves riding on the nose of all my boards and she’s constantly falling off! 

The board is also a great value since it comes with a paddle, bag, fin, pump, and repair kit. And even though this board doesn’t have Hala’s Carbon fiber Stringers – the construction of the board is super solid. Bottom line – it’s still head and shoulders above all the other inflatables that have flooded the market. 

If you see us out on the river on our Playa, don’t hesitate to ask for a test ride! You’ll be impressed too!

Paddling in the Outer Banks, NC.
Plenty of volume for two medium sized dogs!
Our own private island!
Kona enjoying her spot on the nose.