They say every dog has his day. This cute, illustrated book is designed to ensure they all have hundreds of them! Especially for your dog and you, this journalized bucket list reinforces the fact that we don’t get dogs just to leave them at home. After all, these lovable animals were domesticated for all sorts of reasons, almost all of which help make people’s lives easier and better, from herding and hunting to companionship and therapy.Living a well-balanced life with your dog can be remarkable. My Dog and Me is packed with endearing pictures, thought-provoking prompts and plenty of space to spill out your thoughts and ideas – from low-key to lofty – for spending time with your dog. It’s a must-have memoir and wish list for those who want to live richer, fuller lives alongside their canine companions. Available on Amazon.
Drawn from interviews and conversations with dog owners who love to get out on the water with their pets, Paddle Tails explores the incredible bond that happens between dog and paddler. Some people call it healing; some say it’s changed the way they look at the world. We traveled from New York to Florida to catch up with boxers and pit bulls, Labradors and shepherds, who paddle, canoe, kayak, and fish with their humans. A collection of their stories, Paddle Tails highlights the paddling community and the emotional support to be gained when man and his best friend take to the water. Available on Amazon.
Learning how to stand up paddle (SUP) is one thing, and learning with a dog is a little more involved. Some dogs are naturals while others may need a little more training. Stand up paddling with your dog can be a rewarding experience for both of you, if it’s done with a little preparation and planning. How to SUP With Your PUP guides you through simple training and is designed to make the learning process smooth and safe for human and pup. This concise guide includes everything you and your dog need to SUP–from types of gear to a full training plan. Available on Amazon.