ADVENTURE DOG | adˈven(t)SHər dôɡ – A canine of any breed who is at home on the outdoor patio of a restaurant or hiking up a mountain with a backpack covered in mud. A true adventure dog will sleep soundly in a tent, a hotel room, and in the back of a pickup truck. He’ll wait for you at the base of a climb and outside the supermarket while you pick up those last few items for dinner. He’ll collect more sticks, scars, and stories than titles or ribbons. Confidence is second nature, his bond to you is first. Adventure dogs live a full rich life alongside their people and rarely get left home alone.

To train adventure dogs I focus on the climb command and basic obedience skills to help dogs navigate the suburbs and the backcountry. I don’t adhere to one specific method of training because no two dogs learn the same. Confidence is key for the human AND the dog so I train the owners, too!

Below are the training packages I offer. Not sure where to start? Contact me for a free evaluation so we can find the right training for you and your dog! 

Length of training: customizable

We meet once a week at a local park, for a one- hour private lesson. You’ll take the skills from each lesson and practice them with your dog for a week until we meet again. Each lesson will build on the previous one so it’s recommended to dedicate 4-6 weeks of consecutive work with basic obedience goals.

Lessons can be customized for basic obedience skills or for adventure specific activities. Note: only dogs who demonstrate a solid foundation of basic obedience skills are eligible for adventure specific training.

Price: Each one-hour lesson is $99 


Length of training: 3 weeks

Monday through Friday your dog stays with me for personalized one-on- one immersive training. I’ll work with your dog multiple times per day at your dog’s pace. Friday evening, we meet for a private lesson and a brief on what your dog has accomplished during the week. After your lesson you’ll take your dog home and practice over the weekend. This is a critical stage because we’re transferring the learned skills from the week to you! Then on Sunday night your dog returns, and we review how the weekend went.

We’ll repeat this pattern for two more weeks. In that time your dog will learn to sit and stay, down and stay, climb, walk politely on a leash, and come when called.

Price: $429/week 


Length of training: 4 weeks

Take our Lodge and Train Package, and add an additional week for adventure specific training! It’s vital that all adventure dogs have a solid foundation of basic obedience skills before we put them in highly distracting activities.

During your dog’s fourth week of training you can choose one the following activities for your dog to learn:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Trail running
  • Riding in a bike cart
  • Running next to a bicycle (on leash)
  • Hiking

Your dog will continue to stay with me so we can focus on adventure specific skills multiple times a day. All dogs learn new skills at different rates so each dog’s progress will vary. Weather conditions may also affect progress, in which case we’ll reschedule if training time is lost.

Action photos of your dog included!!

Price: $499 after Lodge and Train