We’re incredibly grateful to all our sponsors for their generosity over the years. Our clinics, books, and travels are greatly supported by these awesome companies!

Ruffwear makes the best outdoor gear for dogs. I’ve outfitted Riley and Kona in Ruffwear gear since they were puppies, and it’s the only gear I trust to keep my dogs safe and comfortable out on our adventures.


I’ve always been a big fan of inflatable boards. Over the years the dogs and I have determined a high quality inflatable is the best type of board for paddling with dogs. Hala makes the most rugged and durable boards on the market with extra handles and d-rings that are so important when bringing along a pup.


I’ve loved the Kialoa brand for years. It was their tagline that drew me in – together on the water. Those words have always struck a chord in my heart. Being together on the water with my dogs is such a special activity for us. Having a perfectly fitted and beautifully designed paddle makes each stroke more comfortable, and gentler on my body – especially when adding the weight of two dogs.


Grand Trunk
Believe it or not, we do like to relax after a day on the trails or the water. Grand Trunk Goods makes some of the best hammock systems and traveling gear. We always keep a hammock in the car for an afternoon nap by the river.


WaterShed Dry Bags
Cameras, dogs and water don’t mix. That’s why I need a fail proof dry bag to keep my cameras and gear dry when I paddle with two wiggle Aussies. I’ve used my watershed bags on multi day paddles in the pouring rain, and always come home with dry gear.


Tired dogs are good dogs, and since we can’t be out on the water every day, Riley and Kona need mental and physical challenges at home. KONG toys have been a staple in our house since the day Riley came home. I love giving my dogs puzzle toys daily to keep them occupied and busy when I’m stuck working.


Since I’m always looking for more activities to do with my dogs it was only a matter of time before we got serious about biking. Over the last year I’ve been biking more and training Kona to run along with me on the trails. As I’ve increased my distances with a road bike the Burley Tail Wagon is the perfect way to let the dogs join me on bikepacking and long distance trips.